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NOTICE:  Our bookings for financial counsellng appointments are now full for the reaminder of the 2023 year.

We will resume from January 9th - Please call back then to arrange an appointment on 4329 4477.

Financial Counselling


Don't know what to do about your financial problems?

This service is free and available to anyone facing financial hardship.


While it won't take your debt away; at least you will begin to have some control over your life again. If you are behind in credit repayments, have become responsible for someone else's debt and can't face opening the mail - don't delay.


If you can't meet your repayments, you could prevent repossession, increased interest payments or eviction by approaching the lender early to rearrange your payments to suit your changed circumstances. If this fails, contact our service or the National Debt Hotline on 1800 007 007.


Under our credit laws, both borrower and lender are protected against unforeseeable emergencies such as unemployment and serious illness. If this happens, the contract may be varied. Fair Trading can negotiate on your behalf at no cost.


You could also contact a financial counselor for assistance in assessing your financial situation, re-negotiating your credit contracts and planning how to manage your finances in the future. 

Don't leave it until it's too late. Call us for free confidential service.


The Central Coast Region Financial Counselling Service is based at the Narara Community Centre at 2 Pandala Road, Narara, and is 100% free. This service is available to people in the community who are experiencing financial problems caused by:

       * Low Income
       * Redundancy
       * Unemployment
       * Separation
       * Isolation
       * Illness
       * Housing problems, etc.


We also have outreach services at various locations throughout the Central Coast - Kanwal, San Remo, The Entrance, Woy Woy, and Gosford.

To see the FINANCIAL COUNSELLOR an appointment is necessary.

Call us at 4329 4477 to make a booking or submit the Enquiry Form and a staff member will contact you.


How Can Central Coast Region Financial Counselling Service Help You?

The Financial Counselling Service can offer help in the following areas:
       * realistic budgeting methods
       * planning for specific expenses
       * adapt spending patterns
       * repayment arrangements
       * negotiation and advocacy
       * provide information
       * long term financial planning
       * consumer rights in terms of finances
       * welfare rights in terms of payments
       * referral to welfare, government and support services
       * Centrelink payment issues
       * Department of Housing rental arrears issues



We understand that it can be embarrassing to find yourself in financial difficulty, but this service is strictly confidential, and is governed by policies to protect clients, by both Gosford City Community & Information Service Ltd. and the Financial Counsellors Association of NSW (FCAN)

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