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Our Motto 

“Supporting Community. Reaching Out With Care”

Our Values

•  Respect     •  Integrity    •  Equality     •  Empowerment     •  Compassion


Our Vision

We seek to build social cohesion and promote equitable access to services and opportunities for local residents.

Our Purpose

  • To provide financial support and education, to help those expereincing a financial crisis, and

  • Social well-being support to individuals, families and the community.

Aims & Objectives of the Organisation:

1. To facilitate the development of services and opportunities which meet the changing needs of the Central Coast communities.

2. To provide specific assistance and programmes to particular individuals or target groups.

3. To maintain the standard of services provided, evaluate and monitor changing needs.

4. To deliver high quality advocacy, counselling, referral, support, information and

     community education.

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