How EAPA can help you.

EAPA is a NSW Government scheme designed to: 

  • Assist customers who are experiencing a financial crisis or emergency and need help to pay their home electricity and/or natural gas (energy) bills.

  • Assist customers stay connected to essential energy services, EAPA can help customers reconnect their electricity and/or natural gas utilities.

How Does The EAPA Scheme Work? 

  • EAPA vouchers are issued by participating EAPA providers such as Narara Community Centre and many others. The EAPA Scheme operates through a voucher system and each voucher is worth $50.

  • The EAPA provider assesses the customer's situation and determines each case based on individual circumstances. The vouchers issued to the customer will be sent to the retailer electronically by the EAPA provider and the vouchers will be paid to the customer's account.

  • Note: Before contacting an EAPA Provider to make an appointment for an EAPA assessment, please contact your electricity or gas supplier to find out what payment plans and other assistance might be available. You may be able to agree on a payment plan with your supplier to suit your financial situation.

Who is eligible for EAPA?

  • An energy account holder with an authorised energy retailer (i.e. the current bill is solely or jointly in his or her name); AND

  • The energy account is for a NSW residential premises (i.e. the current bill charges are on a residential or rural tariff for their home electricity and/or natural gas (energy) bill); AND 

  • The customer is currently experiencing financial hardship and can demonstrate they are denying basic needs in order to pay an energy bill; OR do not have enough money to pay their energy bill and as a result they may face disconnection; OR have been disconnected.

The Gosford Narara Community Centre is available for EAPA appointments on Wednesdays from 10am to 1.00pm.  Call 4329 4477 to make an appointment.

For more information call us or follow this link to

the NSW Resources and Energy website:  

Click on the PDF for more in formation on getting help in paying bills

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