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Skills for L.I.F.E

Living Independently
Financially Equipped

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LIFE Youth

  • A new and intensive life skills program on the Central Coast

  • Catering to young people From 12-24 years old

  • Gaining confidence by practicing learned skills

  • Covering all topics pertaining to life

  • Open to secondary schools, Youth Justice, early  school leavers, homeless youth, OOHC, and the unemployed

  • Course is catered to each service

  • Referral based

  • 20 - 25 participants per group over 10 weeks 

  • During school terms

  • Practical hands-on experience

  • On and offsite group activities including Camps

  • Certificates upon completion

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Our Story
Community SOS Central Coast

Community Support and Outreach Services Central Coast (Community SOS)  has been providing the Central Coast with a variety of programs and services for more than 50 years now, since our inauguration in October 1970. 

We are excited about our new LIFE Youth program that launched in October 2022!  

Adolescence is a pivotal period for young people to acquire the attitudes, competencies, values, life skills, social and cultural connections that will help carry youth forward to successful adulthood.  

Our Life youth program provides young people with important skills required to transition into adulthood. During the program participants will learn from subject matter experts whilst gaining confidence by practicing learned skills.

The program will provide  intense life skills workshops designed to give young people the best possible start in life. This includes promoting and supporting positive behaviours, and equipping them with the skills, tools and support they need to be resilient and make good choices.


Meet the Team

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are at the heart of what we do. They utilise their unique skills and passion to move the work of our youth and community work without them, Life youth would not be where it is today. Meet some of our team members below.

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Terry Hayek

Lead Youth Officer

  • Proud Aboriginal, Dunghutti and Gumbaynggirr nations Mid North NSW and Lebanese heritage call myself a Leboriginal.

  • Father of 5 Grandfather of 9.

  • Over 25 years' experience working with youth and community.

  • Lived and worked on the Central Coast for the past 13 years.

  • Has worked with various organisations such as: Department of Education, Youth Off The Streets, Weave Community and Youth service (Redfern), Barnardos Australia, Uniting and Impact Youth Services. AECG Representative, AECG Secretary.

  • For more information call Terry on ph. 0493 536 211

  • Or email:

Kim Vallack

Youth Officer

  • I have been working with Youth & Young people for over 10 years on The Central Coast.

  • Worked in various roles including Foster Care / OOHC -Intake and Assessment Officer, Youth Employment Consultant & Youth Worker.

  • I am passionate about working with Youth to assist with meeting their personal, social and educational needs as they grow into young adults.

  • I enjoy the challenge of exploring values, ideas and issues youth are faced with to enable them to develop their own voice.

  • My favourite part about my role in the L.I.F.E Youth Program is helping our clients acquire a set of practical, hands-on skills and competencies so they can achieve and realise their full potential as valued members of our community.

  • For more information call Kim on ph. 0493 470 689

  • Or email:

Topics Covered


For more information contact our experienced staff;

Narara Community Centre 
2-12 Pandala Road Narara NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 4329 4477
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am- 3.30pm


Terry Hayek
Ph. 0493 536 211

Kim Vallack
Ph. 0493 470 689

Casual Clothing

LIFE Youth Program has generally made a positive impact on her health and general well-being.

Maydia has had great things to say about the program and how much she values the team. I’m very thankful for the support everyone has provided Maydia. Not only her teachers, but her peers as well. I am extremely grateful she was selected to be in the program.

Maydia’s self-esteem would blossom each time she came home from the program.

It was fabulous to listen to my daughter come home and tell me all about her time in the program with the biggest smile on her face, and her achievements throughout LIFE Youth.

Its beautiful to see the positive outcomes this program has had on Youth.

Street Fashion

Parent - Kelly

Student - Logan (aged 15)

It was a lovely presentation, so warm and friendly.

Logan has had a wonderful time at the program. He has gained confidence and has matured a lot. I believe this program really got Logan through this past term at school. I would be happy for you to share any concerns or thoughts about

Program was very enjoyable, and I couldn’t be anymore thankful for the experience. Logan has learnt heaps of new things especially traditional wise and done heaps of workshops that most of us have never been educated or learnt.

Smiling Woman


The LIFE Youth Program has been one of the best experiences / programs I have even seen. Seeing the students ranging from year 8-10 come out of their comfort zones was one of the most special things I have seen.

The program changed the student’s attitude and their outlook on basis life skills and culture.

Myself, I have learnt all the essential life skills that were taught, and I have been exposed to more of my culture. If I to change one thing it would be for the program to run longer so the students can get much more out of it. It was amazing!

Parent – Sam 

Student – Maydia (aged 13)

Young Basketball Player

Student – Kaleb (male – age 14)

Overall, I had an amazing camp and LIFE Youth course experience. I completed my First aid certificate and I really benefited from what I was taught by the staff every Monday and on camp. I would recommend anyone my age to do the LIFE Youth course at Community SOS.

Waving at Camera

Student – Alex (female - age 16)

Camp was fun. Going with peers and friends and learning was valuable. Learning culture was important and the program was amazing. We learnt how to manage money, lease a house which was good for me as I would like to move out soon. Learning about financial management and culture was beneficial. LIFE Youth Program helped me to mature and helped myself and my peers.

Smiling Young Man

Student – Jaylan (male – age 15)

I have finished the 9-week LIFE Youth Program and it has helped me learn skills that I did not have before I started. I am lucky to have been chosen as it has been fun. I enjoyed the night bush walk at camp, going to the zoo was incredible and artefact making, and sanding added to my cultural experience. I believe I have gained knowledge from the course and would tell my friends to do it if they can.

Our Program in Action

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