Walking Group

Have you thought about starting your own walking group?


It’s a great way to be social and stay active – and we’ll support you all the way. We are looking for people interested in coordinating the group, or just wanting to participate.

Interested? Contact Us Now – to find out more!

Why walking?

Walking in groups is fun, free, accessible and brings terrific health benefits – both physically and psychologically. It creates opportunities for socialising and meeting new people and makes people feel connected: both to each other and to their community.

A study of 1,800 walkers in 14 countries showed that outdoor-walking groups improved their members’ blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, body fat and mood.

So, it’s no surprise that Heart Foundation walkers are sixty-three per cent more likely than the average Australian adult to be meeting Health Department recommendations for weekly physical activity



Community SOS staff and volunteers are in the office and available most weekdays.

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Feed a Family or Provide for a Pet


Due to COVID-19 and loss of jobs, now more than ever we need your help to provide emergency assistance to those in need. 

Your donation will help to feed a family, or provide emergency fuel assistance or pet care.  Thank you for your help in supporting people in crisis.