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NILS Enquiry Form

Fill in our Online Enquiry Form.  Once received a team member will contact you to process your enquiry and confirm eligibility to apply for a NILS Loan.  All information given is confidential and handled in accordance to the Privacy Act 1988.

If you have any problems completing this form please contact our office on 4329 4477.

By completing this form you agree to information gathered to be kept on a secure data base for at least 12 months? (This is a reporting requirement of our accreditation body).

Do you receive a Centrelink payment or have a low income? (A “low-income” is up to $70,000 p.a net income (after tax) for singles and $100,000 net income for couple or people with dependants)
Do you have a healthcare card?
What type of accommodation do you live in?
What are your living arrangments?
Do you have an existing NILS loan? (NB. Top up loans are available to the maximum of $2000 after 90 days of consistent repayments)
How did you hear about NILS?

Thanks for your enquiry. A Team Member will contact you soon.

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