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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us.

We believe your right to privacy is paramount and we have policies and procedures to ensure that all personal information is handled sensitively, securely and in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.

The National Privacy Principles set clear standards for the collection, access, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information.  Gosford City Community & Information Service Ltd is committed to and adopts these principles in relation to personal information we obtain.

Our Privacy Policy

Community Support & Outreach Services Central Coast Ltd uses personal information only for the legitimate purposes of specific programmes or services.  In all instances we will give you notice that this information is being collected and recorded.

We do this in order to facilitate access to services provided by the Company, and to act upon any requests by clients to advocate on their behalf.

While your information remains identifiable, you may, subject to the Federal Privacy Act, request access to, or deletion of, any personal information we hold about you.

The main grounds for denying access are where:

  1. The life or health of any individual could be threatened

  2. The privacy of other individuals could be unreasonably affected

  3. The request is frivolous or vexatious

  4. Legal proceedings or negotiations with the individual could be compromised

  5. Access is prohibited by law or unlawful

  6. Access could compromise criminal investigations or endanger public revenue

Generally, we would disclose personal information you provide to us to only as authorised by you.  

Exceptions are listed in our Policy on Information Management, Privacy and Confidentiality, which states:  

“Information will be used or disclosed only for the purposes for which it was collected (with notice), or for ends that may reasonably be expected to be connected to those purposes.

Personal information may be used or disclosed to protect health and safety, or if an unlawful activity is suspected.”

A reasonable charge may be imposed to recover the cost of making information available.

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